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German Bratwurst - Halal Certificate (Branded)

GERMAN SAUSAGE- (Halal Certified)
Products consist of sausages, European style cured poultry and meats, and cold cuts of all kinds, as well as smoked sausages and other fine foods like ready-cooked frozen food.

Jumbo Chicken Bratwurst with Mushroom & Cheese is a skinless chicken bratwurst with cheddar cheese, flavored with a blend of Italian spices & herbs like Marjoram, Oregano & Basil. These top sellers taste best when grilled or pan-fried. Serve with pasta and tomato sauce or sautéed potatoes

Jumbo Chicken Hotbock is a natural smoked skinless chicken sausage. Can be used like an American Hot Dog in a bun with various topping. Like Wieners, they are best pan-fried or grilled which gives them a more salty and piquant taste.